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Our Spring Security Collection Now 25% off - Sale Price $11.25

A Free Garden Bean Collection , $14.99 value, with each Super Survival Pack

Included in Our Spring Security Collection:
Lincoln Peas
Lincoln Peas
Bears prolifically and is exceptional in quality.
300 seeds
Bouquet Dill
Bouquet Dill
Wonderfully flavorful herb that can be used in many dishes
200 seeds
Bloomsdale Spinach
Bloomsdale Spinach
Large dark-green, savoyed leaves. Great in salads or steamed with garlic.
800 seeds
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Sweet robust flavor. Delicious greens. Excellent for canning.
400 seeds
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Excellent in cole slaw and stir fry.
400 seeds

With each Super Survival Pack ordered we will automatically include a FREE Garden Bean Collection. Each Super Survival Pack contains 4 collections and 2 pints of grain. Each collection and both grains are packaged in FDA USDA compliant metalized 2.2 poly bags. This gives 2 layers of protection from moisture and light. A food grade deciccant is enclosed in each of the 4 collections and both grains. Our Super Survival Pack is FREEZER READY for longest term storage. Our Seed Saving Guide will be included with each Super Survival Pack.

* All seed counts are approximate
*This offer is for a limited time.

Fall Harvest

Here you see some of our 2014 harvest. All of these vegetable varieties are included in our Super Survival Pack.

Note: None of our seeds are genetically modified. They are all open-pollinated and none are hybrid.


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Preventing Starvation; What to Grow, What to Eat.
Our Flint Indian Corn
Harvesting Indian Corn
Four Pounds of Seed = A 1/6 Acre Garden!


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