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Good morning. We received our order just the other day and we are extremely happy with it. We ordered the Garden Security Collection. We plan on ordering several more packs, as our budget permits, for ourselves and possibly for bartering if necessary. My question is in regard to the directions that are included. Are there planting instructions on the packets themselves? I am going to put the directions in a zip lock bag and tape them to the Mylar pack but I was curious about whether the same directions were on the individual packets. Thanks for your help. Have a great day. SEED FOR SECURITY RESPONSE - I am very pleased that you are happy with your order. Yes, there are planting instructions for each variety printed on the packets. These include seed sowing, spacing, plant requirements,and maturity estimates. For peppers and tomatoes I have printed detailed instruction on starting the plants indoors. Also there is a Seed Planting Direction Guide inside of your pouch. This is a copy of the one that you received with your order. Best Wishes, Nan - Seed for Security
If these (seeds in vapor proof pouches) are immediately placed in the freezer, what is the optimum time they could be kept and still get a good germination rate? SEED FOR SECURITY response: According to Suzanne Ashworth in her book - Seed to Seed -"Seeds of all species can be stored for many years with almost no loss of germination, when dried to about 8% seed moisture,sealed in an airtight container and frozen. Seed stored using these techniques will maintain their viability for up to ten times longer than normal germination rates. A quick and easy test is that seeds will break instead of bending when folded, if their moisture is 8% or less.Also hard shell seeds, such as corn or beans, will shatter instead of mashing when placed on concrete and struck with a hammer. When retrieving seeds from frozen storage, always allow the sealed jar (or heat sealed pouch) to reach room temperature before opening. When taking seeds from the container, reseal the jar or moisture proof pouch quickly, so that the seeds will retain as little moisture as possible." All of Seed for Securities seeds are carefully dried and are ready for freezer storage. I do use the methods that Suzanne Ashworth recommends. Some years ago I planted mixed baking beans that my grandfather had stored in his freezer for 22 years. The germination rate surpassed other beans seeds that I had bought from a trusted company. I hope this information is helpful to you. Nan- Seed for Security
We had great success with your flint corn and look forward to the same this year. We were wondering does the corn need to be soaked in a lye solution before use (after harvesting and drying).

Seed for security response

A diet of only corn will lead to vitamin B deficiency and soaking in a lye solution makes the vitamin B available to the body. However as long as you have dry beans, meat, or any other source of vitamin B in your diet soaking in lye is not necessary.
Thanks, we really enjoy getting great seeds from you!
Do you accept money orders as payment. If you do where do I mail the payment to and how do I go about ordering? Thank you.

Seed for security response

Yes, I will happily accept money orders as payment. Please make the money order out to Seed for Security/Nan Hayden. I will e-mail you when I get your money order and also e-mail you when I send your seeds. Start by going to my products page, select what you want and please do not forget to add the shipping charge. When you mail the payment be sure to include your order list. If you have any questions just send me an e-mail.
My address is:
Seed for Security
28 Reed Rd
Union, CT 06076
We have had great success with our first ever attempt at gardening. We raised your corn and are now drying it. Can we use a dehydrator?

Seed for security response

Hello Carl,
Thank you for your e-mail.
When drying Flint Corn the ears should be left on the stalks until completely dry. If weather conditions or animal problems are such, that this is not possible, pick and husk mature ears then dry under shelter. I dry my corn on wire racks. This year I am drying the corn in my garage on 2 large wire racks. It is drying well and saves me the step of carrying outside each sunny day. Just make sure the corn is in a well ventilated space.
The drying should be done at a moderate temperature ( less than 95 degrees F.) The corn should not be removed from the cob until it is completely dry. Corn is ready for storage when the kernels shatter when hit with a hammer on concrete. If they mush at all it is not dry enough.
I would say that a dehydrator might be difficult to use as the corn should remain on the cobs until fully dry. If you decide to use one be sure to keep the temperate less than 95 degrees F.
Happy Gardening,

Seed for Security
Hi nan, last winter I purchased some peppers,cucumbers and tomatos. The cucumbers were really great and abundant. The peppers were delicious but the tomatos all had a green bottom, and really seemed to come out too late to ripen. I think I may have started them in the garage too early and stunted their life. Any comments on the tomatos they may have gotten too cold in the garage, the temp was around 50-60ish. Thanks for what you do, and thanks for any help.

Seed for Security response

Hello Dan,

Thank you for your e-mail.
Tomatoes need to be started in pots 6-8 weeks before planting in your garden.Time the starting of your seeds so they can be planted as soon as there is no danger of frost. You need a good strong plant with a solid root structure. I use grow lights to start my tomatoes.I put the light so close to the seedlings that it almost touches. Keep the light just above the plants as they grow. Water only when the soil starts to dry out. Without plenty of light tomatoes will grow leggy, weak and often break. I fertilize as soon as the seedlings pop up and once a week after that. If you do not have grow lights a very sunny window will do.The temperature of your garage should not be a problem, as long of course, that it does not freeze.

Happy Gardening,
Hi Nan, I got the seeds you sent me for winning the survival blog contest. Just wanted to thank you from the botton of my heart. What a wonderful gift. Best Wishes, Sheri
We want to store some seeds long term for emergencies. I have a freezer with plenty of room and can nitrogen pack and seal in mylar with desiccant. However,I know nothing about seeds or gardening. The biggest question is what would you recommend for growing in this area? (Note-This customer is from Georgia). Then what mix of seeds for a healthy diet? I am more interested in fewer varieties that are high yield, robust, and nutritious, as opposed to a large variety that would require more space,learning curve and effort. We would intend to feed a couple of large families from the garden. We have plenty of available land, water, natural fertilizers,labor and tools. One concern is that the seeds can be packed in small enough packets to be usable or able to be traded easily. We would retain seeds from the produce, of course. The budget to start would be 2-300 dollars. Over time, we could add variety.

Seed for Security response:

Thank you for your e-mail. You are wise to grow a garden and learn to save seeds. My seeds should grow well in Georgia. I have many customers from Georgia. Peas, dill and spinach like a cool climate to start therefore I would plant these in the coolest part of your season.The other seeds that we offer do well in a very warm climate. I put a lot of effort into selecting which varieties of seeds to sell. First I sell only open-pollinated, non GMO seeds. Second I want nutritious, tasty, reliable products. For example dry beans and flint corn will give much needed protein in a survival situation. I sell seeds in individual paper envelope. All of my seeds are hand packed and the smallest varieties are place in a glassine before placing in a seed envelope. Detailed planting instructions are printed on each envelope and there is a seed planting guide included with every order. I also offer 4 collections, Our Garden Security Collection, Our Bean Collection,and Our Spring Collection. I have a Garden Variety Collection as well, but that is available only with the Super Survival Pack. All of the varieties of seed in these collections are in paper envelopes that are placed in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant and heat sealed. I offer 2 types of grain- Winter Rye, and Hulless Oats.These grains are placed in a vapor proof pouch with a desiccant and are sold in a 1 pint measure.I do recommend freezing for the longest term storage. However if your power is out for more than a day remove your seeds from the freezer and do no open the pouches, plastic or glass container.Let the seeds come to room temperature. When the power comes back on put them back in the freezer. I offer a Super Survival Pack which includes all 4 collections and both grains. This pack has 18 heirloom varieties and is approx. 4 pounds of seed. The Super Survival Pack will give you an excellent selection of reliable, nutritious, easy to grow vegetables. None of these varieties will cross-pollinate enabling you to save seeds from year to year.The price for each Super Survival Pack is $75.00 with $10.00 for shipping.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Wishes,
Seed for Security
Interesting article about Flint Corn. How come you don't sell it?      

Seed for Security response:

The Indian Corn that I sell is a Flint Corn. It is available in an individual packet of 300 seeds and is included in our Garden Security Collection also 300 seeds. This is a meal corn that makes an excellent corn bread and corn muffins.
Just want to tell you that I think you are amazing! For two years I have been casually looking at seed packets to have on hand just in case the crash comes! I can't really say I think the economy is improving much - certainly not in the town in which I live. All the products I viewed left me in doubt, mostly because I knew little about non-hybrid seed. I have never found the kind of information you give! I think your product fits the need for me. I will be ordering soon. Thanks.
I have looked at several sites and can say in all honesty; I am confused! Regarding your Super Survival Pack ID-SFS-coo5 for $75.00. How long will the product store? Does one need to put the product in a glass container before storing in the ref.? My understanding is corn can only be stored for 2 years. Since there is corn in the Survival Pack does that mean the pack is only good for 2 years? Sorry for your trouble and thank you in advance for your time.

Seed For Security response:

The seeds I have selected to put in all our collections have average shelf lives at room temperature of at least 5-7 years. Once properly dried and sealed with a desiccant in a water proof pouch as I do, they are protected from moist air and will last years longer. They are also ready for refrigerator or freezer storage keeping them much longer still. I do not sell onion seeds, parsnip or carrot seeds or seeds or any other crop whose seeds are only good for a year or two. Sweet corn seeds do not last anywhere near as long as dry corn for grinding. Perhaps someone was thinking of sweet corn? In fact, I have seen warnings not to plant hybrid sweet corn seeds which are more than two years old. My Flint Corn seeds keeps for many years at room temperature. I do not sell hybrid of any kind. I have been growing and conducting germination tests annually on our seeds for many many years so I know what keeps and what does not.Instead of asking our readers to take my word for it, I refer them to the International Seed Saving Institute and Suzanne Ashworth's excellent book 'Seed to Seed'. Links to the ISSI have been on my website for years and I recommended that book for years also. Also regarding corn, look here- http://www.seedforsecurity.com/article.php?articleid=100 I hope I have answered all of your questions. Saving and storing seeds has a lot more to it than most people expect. Please e-mail me again if anything is not clear. Answer from Dennis- I truly want to thank you for your reply. I will be ordering today. Again thanks.
What a life you must live. Visiting you're website for the first time brings back memories of long ago. All the pictures,the land,the equipment...wow! Seems like you folks have a lot of love and dedication in what you do. Soon we will be moving back to the eastern part of our state and once settled I will be placing a large order. Thanks for the pics. I am jealous of the life you have!
What a wonderful site; we appreciate all of the care and forethought you obviously put into your products.
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent customer service. You addressed a minor problem with my order quickly. I really appreciate it!
I just found your site and wanted to say you have a great site.Thank you for sharing.
I like your style: I'll be buying your seeds because you make sense, not just glitz. I did check the other sites after reading what you said about shelf life of smaller seeds, carrots, etc.not being a viable choice for long term, and sure enough, they had them in their kits. So I will get yours and put them in my freezer. I will buy seeds with short shelf lives year by year at the store.
I recently won a contest of the Orange Jeep Dad Blog and the prize was a huge pack of your seeds. They arrived today, beautifully and carefully packed with a sweet note from Nan. Thank you so very much! I am in joyful anticipation of planting for my Fall garden and next Springs garden. It is gratifying to receive a package packed with evident care and pride in these times. The personal touch of the note along with the extra mylar bags and instructions for seed saving are greatly appreciated. Thank you again, Gwenivere
I'm blogging about the terrific results we're getting from your seeds at OrangeJeepDad.blogspot.com. If you'd like to put an ad box on my blog, I'll list it for free just to say thanks.
Just wanted to say that I've gotten acquainted with your website because a friend on Facebook shared its URL in a post, and I in turn have done the same. VERY useful information, great pictures, and I know I'll be coming back often.
I am so pleased to have found your site. Wonderful information. Thank you!

I want to grow as much of my families food this year as possible as well as start saving my own seed. I loved the information from your site and want to return the favor by ordering your seeds.
Our current crop from our last year's seed order with you is growing fine, and I anticipate trying to save some seed this Fall. I'm trying to encourage folks I speak to about gardening to order from you, and hope for their sake they do so. In today's 'Internet/faceless' commerce society, it's a PLEASURE to do business with HONEST Country folks! I truly mean this and encourage you to use this e-mail on your web-site with my blessing.
This is a very informative website with wonderful links. I am glad I found your site.
Thank you for taking the time to make all this information available to the world. I'm a computer person who is working overtime to prepare for the coming grief. Since growing things is not my field, it helps immensely to have detailed instructions by people actually doing the work.

I have never grown a garden, but the time is fast approaching where it will need to be part of my day. Reading doesn't make someone an expert, but having the knowledge available is much better than standing in front of an open field with packets of seeds, wondering "Now what?"

The seeds and knowledge you provide will be a lifesaving resource in the times ahead. If my family is able to eat and be healthy by using your seeds and techniques, you will have saved lives as surely as any doctor or firefighter. You have my utmost gratitude for supplying what are literally the seeds of life.
WoW! I am amazed at this site. I have a much smaller area to garden, but all your principles and designs are spot on. I love your simple way of gardening. It looks effective. I just wanted to comment on your site and I hope you can add even more soon.