Added on January 9 2009

Our Garden Bean Collection

Here is my collection of garden beans. There are four oversize packets with 150 seeds in each one. First you will have Provider string beans to harvest. They can be picked about every ten days to two weeks during July and August here in Connecticut. Later they will dry to be a fine baking bean. Around late August,the French Horticulture beans will be ready to pick and shell in the 'green' soft stage. They boil up to be a fine hearty vegetable and make excellent succotash with sweet corn. You can leave some of these plants unpicked, so the beans mature to the dry stage. They also make a fine baking bean harvested in the late Fall. The Soldier beans and Grampa Neff's beans mature in September. You can have string beans in the summer, shell beans and a number of different dry beans for Winter or storage.

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